Homeware Wishlist - new home ideas


As of September I'm going to be saying goodbye to the 2 hour commute to uni as I'm moving to London. Since the age of about 13, my room has been been very monochrome. Don't get me wrong, I love monochrome and I think it's timeless but nonetheless, I am looking forward to making a new space my own later this year. Since I currently have a fairly strict colour scheme, I can't wait to have a room that's very 'mix and match' - I say this now but I wonder how much my organised brain likes it after a few months. I love the geometric trend and the industrial feel of uncovered lightbulbs and metal chairs. I also adore the scenic aesthetic of succulent plants, especially when displayed in hanging terrariums. Above are a few pieces that I'm going to look back on for inspiration in the months leading up to my move.

A lot of these can be replicated at home or cheaper alternatives can be found elsewhere online. I've seen tons of DIY's on Pinterest where fish bowls have been used as terrariums. I'm not massively keen on cork pin boards but I love the idea of a peg board - the one above is from Urban Outfitters but peg boards can be found at any DIY store or eBay for a fraction of the price. (Watch this video for inspiration!) As for the industrial lightbulb? Try buying a retro style lightbulb and hanging it from an existing wire.

I'm really looking forward to an upcoming trip to Ikea where I fill a yellow bag with things I probably don't need. No delicious Swedish meatballs for me though as I've stopped eating meat - more on this in a future post.


Coffee Table Books #2 - So You Think You're A Hipster?

I would be lying if I said I remembered I started this little series up but flicking through some past blog posts jogged my memory. It's been a fair few months since I wrote this post but I really like how it turned out so might as well share another of my favourite 'Coffe Table Books'.

So You Think You're A Hipster? features illustrations by Paul Parker and is a brilliant attempt to explain the phenomenon that's taking over our cities. Its a quirky and humorous case studies poke fun at this modern trend and helps identify your inner (or outer) hipster stereotype. My particular favourites include The Urban Hunter (pg. 10), Barista (pg. 54) and, how can I not mention, The Blogger (pg. 98). The book also features helpful tips to complete your hipster, look such as the right breed of dog, style of glasses and design of tattoo.
This book was a gift to me a couple of years ago and since starting art college, I can now successfully identify the hipster archetype of nearly every student there.


Emotionally Attached To Makeup

So it's 3am and I just had the urge to write this blog post, today I did what I thought would be the unimaginable and left the house without an ounce of makeup on my face. I wish I could say I didn't think twice about it but I did doubt myself and asked my sister for her approval. This would seem totally bizarre to some people but to put it lightly, I have an emotional attachment to makeup.

Once having bad skin was the fundamental reason why I grew so attached to makeup. When you've had your confidence absolutely bashed like that, makeup becomes your security blanket. I admired girls who couldn't care less if they went to school without wearing makeup but the idea of anyone seeing me without it petrified me. I like to think I don't look completely different when I wear makeup as opposed to not - I became very good at it and mastered the art of minimalistic, 'barely there' makeup so it wasn't really the fact I didn't like 'what God gave me', I just wanted to hide the blemishes and enhance other features. 

So as 2015 rolled in, I subconsciously took a different approach to life. I've already said how much I dislike the 'new year, new me' attitude but it did sort of happen. I started to consider my health a bit more and also embraced this new outlook on makeup. Don't get me wrong, I still wear it on a daily basis but now I'm less bothered about putting it on if I'm just nipping to the shops or whatever. Having clearer skin has definitely contributed to this new attitude I have and I can't say that it would last if I did get bad skin again. Obviously I prefer myself with makeup on, I think I look prettier and am generally more confident in myself, but a little ugliness is sometimes worth letting my skin breathe.

P.S. It's been about two weeks since I drafted this post & I'm keeping it up. 


Fight Like A Girl

This is what happens when you try to out-smart your one month Photoshop trial

The 'F' word seems to be the most tainted word in society at the moment and the conventions associated with feminism are downright degrading. I wrote this post last year explaining a bit more about what I think contemporary feminism is all about.

I read a really great quote the other day and it was very relevant to something that had happened to myself and a friend in a local pub - don't get me wrong, it's a Wetherspoons so we always go with our guard up. This one night a man approached us and 'asked' if he could sit with us. There wasn't much asking involved as by the time my friend could even give him an answer he was already giving her the 'ohh come on' and sitting next to us. Eventually two other men joined him and they sat on the table opposite, but that didn't stop him interrupting our conversation every five minutes and questioning us about our private lives. I gave him the cold shoulder so he soon turned all his attention to my friend. He asked if she had a boyfriend like a reflex response, she said yes - this wasn't surprising because most girls who find themselves in this position would say they do as a deterrent. We found  ourselves telling stories of where they'd met, how long they'd been together etc. The biggest qualm I have with this is  why do men respect and feel threatened by the idea of another man more than a woman's right to say no?

Anyway, here is my pledge to you. I recently made a little feminist campaign for my third uni project. It included a zine that I will be publishing soon and also some other bits and bobs. I have used one of the illustrations that I included in the zine in the side bar, along with a code that you can use to embed the graphics on your own blog/website/whatever. The whole campaign is heavily based on irony so for all those times someone once slated you for 'fighting like a girl'? Yeah well damn right I do! If you'd like to support the idea of gender equality and feminism, please use the button or just direct people to this post.

Finally, Jack Howard posted this video not long ago and I think it absolutely epitomises modern feminism. I couldn't have put it better myself and give this guy a lot of credit for speaking so truthfully and honestly about it. If you take anything from this post, watch his video.