Playlist #22

A playlist is way, way, way overdue on my account. My last was almost a year to the day and that frightens me, where has this past year gone?! I've spent a bit of time updating a few things on my blog and making sure I'm prompting current information - nothing says 'lazy mofo' like reading someone's Q & A and noticing they haven't updated it since last April...
I for one love being recommended and introduced to music by people and seeing what others are listening. I think it says a lot about a person and also paves a little bit of common ground between us. Although I don't personally know any of my readers, it's nice to know someone recognises a good song and thinks you might enjoy it too. Usually I just post songs I'm currently listening to, but in an attempt to redeem myself after my poor blogging recently, I'm going to talk a little bit about each song below the playlist - so look down their if you're interested!

Cage The Elephant ~ Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

Haim ~ Don't Save Me

Crystal Fighers ~ Bridge Of Bones 

Bastille ~ Are You Sure

Letters And Lights ~ Smile Bright

Paolo Nutini ~ Scream

The Neighbourhood ~ Sweater Weather

Spector ~ Twenty Nothing

Kodaline ~ Latch

01. I was introduced to Cage The Elephant very recently and have been listening to their full (2008) album on YouTube a lot recently. I haven't heard any of their recent stuff but I'm really liking their sound so far. They remind a lot of a local band that I know of and despite some people saying Ain't No Rest For The Wicked is one of their most well known songs, I honestly don't think I've ever heard it before! I'm really glad I've come across the band and look forward to listening to their more recent albums.

02. As most of you may know I went to Reading Festival last year and it was a very bitter sweet experience. I had such a good time but it wasn't until after the festival that I really started listening to a lot of the artists I saw there - Spector, The 1975 etc. At the time I was so not in to Haim that I didn't even see them. I'd heard a lot about them but didn't understand the hype and it wasn't until I bought my friend the album for her birthday that I even listened to one of their songs. I'm sure I don't need to encourage anyone to listen to their album (Days Are Gone) because I'm probably the last person on Earth to jump on that bandwagon.

03. Crystal Fighter's Cave Rave album is very good in general so it was difficult to pick a song to feature but this is one that I've found myself choosing a lot lately. You may recognise their sound from a lot of adverts as they've achieved a lot of commercial success so I wanted to introduce you to a song that you may not otherwise hear. Again Crystal Fighters were at Reading Festival and still to this day I kick myself that I didn't leave Green Day's 2 and a half hour set to see them instead (I only wanted to hear American Idiot!) Although I did tweet this sadness and CF contacted me.

04. I couldn't post a comeback playlist and not feature my favourite boys, Bastille. Again, I tried to feature a song that you might not have heard by them before and this is their remix of the David Lynth song, Are You Sure. You know how I feel about Bastille. We won't get too much into it.

05. My sister describes my music taste as 'American teenage boy' and I think this song depicts that quite well. Although that's a completely false definition, I definitely can't resist this sound. I think Smile Bright is a feel-good song and very appropriate for this deep exam depression that we're all plummeting towards.

06. I am so so so glad Paolo Nutini is making a comeback. He's one of my favourite singer songwriters and I actually remember doing a presentation about him in a music class when I was about 13. Scream is a song on his new album Caustic Love which is out now.

07. I always hear songs on the radio and think to myself 'I'll remember to look up those lyrics when I get home' and never ever do. I know there's an app for that but sometimes I just can't be bothered to get my phone out and Shazam that ship. Although I did hear this song on the radio last week and wrote the lyrics down on my phone, so it must be a good song if I could be bothered to do that!

08. Speaking of the devil, this is one of my favourite songs off album Enjoy It While It Lasts. I did see Spector at Reading but like I said before, it's hard to really enjoy a live performance when you hardly know the band (although it was still so so good.) Now I'm utterly in love with them I would really like to see them again and highly recommend their album.

09. This is a fairly old Radio 1 Live Lounge cover of Disclosure's Latch but I've recently been listening to it again. It amazes me how songs can be totally transformed and sometimes become unrecognisable by changing the tempo and singer behind the mic. I especially love how Kodaline incorporated elements of All I Want in this cover and it gives another dimension to the overall song. Although the original was hugely successful, I personally love this version. 


Recent Purchases

As if by accident it seems that Sunday has become my blogging day and I'm cool with that. This week I thought I'd share with you a couple of recent purchases I've made.
A few of weeks ago, I was in London for an interview so popped into Forever 21 on Oxford Street as there's not one local to me. I saw a jumper really similar to the one above for about £19.99 but was reluctant to get it because the weather's warming up and I probably wouldn't get much wear out of it. Last week I was browsing the Topshop sale but didn't have much hope because it's usually full of pleather shorts and weird dresses. Lo and behold, I found this space jumper for the bargain price of £7. I hadn't seen it at full price in the store so I presume it was a purchase at a bigger store and returned there. Again, I was in two minds about getting it but for £7 I knew I'd regret it if I didn't - it's now one of the coolest garments I own.
I've also had my eye on a Casio watch for a long long time and try to look out for them in second hand shops. I've seen these look alikes in Miss Selfridge before and on Wednesday bit the bullet and bought one. You can usually find Casio watches cheaper online rather than in shops like Urban Outfitters but I wasn't too fussed about the name and decided to purchase this to settle my craving. If I'm still really wanting the real deal in a couple of months, I might consider buying one. Is it common knowledge to know how to set up a watch or should they come with instructions? I tried everything - Google, two friends and none of us could get it to work without the alarm going off. In the end a guy in the year below managed to but it took at least four tries.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram if you're interested in any future purchases I make as I usually post pictures on there whilst the novelty is in full swing. 



Good News, Old News and New News

I've been a little MIA recently but I have some very genuine reasons. The most obvious being school, deadlines, coursework & upcoming exams. This month is a little quieter but it's just going to pick up just as quickly as it calmed down. I just handed in my first A2 graphics unit (Wonderland themed) but I've started straight away on my next (and last) exam unit. It's feeling very real that I'm going to be leaving sixth form soon and it's honestly been the happiest 2 years of my life. I never thought I would enjoy going to school again, especially to study A Levels, but moving school really changed my life and I'll be really sad to leave.

Speaking of leaving school, I have some brill news about where I'm going next. I had an interview at London College of Communication last week and was offered a place on their Art & Design Foundation Course. I haven't spoken much about where I've applied because I didn't want to jinx it/wanted to keep it private in case I didn't get in but I'm so ecstatic to be going there in September as it was my top choice. After the year I hope to stay on at LCC and carry on a degree in Illustration & Visual Media. Just this morning I sent off my acceptance form and I feel so happy to have some plans set it stone for my future. As some of you may know, foundation courses are free for under 19 year olds but you don't receive a grant - so it's a bit up in the air as to where I'm going to be living in September. The likelihood is that I will live at home and commute for the majority of the time and stay with my sister a couple of days a week if she's still living in London. It's going to be hard work, tiring and intense but I know this is the best stepping stone for me if I want to get onto their degree course in 2015.

Finally, my driving test is booked! I passed my theory about three weeks ago and have drafted a post talking about my experience with learning to drive and what I would recommend for new drivers. Prior to my theory test I read a lot of forums because I was so skeptical about passing the Hazard Perception part of the test. Alas, I did it and my practical is booked for a few weeks time. I haven't told anyone the exact date but the waiting list was fairly long and I've got a fair few more hours worth of lessons to go yet so I'm hoping that's enough time to get me ready.

I hope everyone's well and enjoying the new found sunshine that we're having at the moment! It's finally starting to feel like Spring.