Fight Like A Girl

This is what happens when you try to out-smart your one month Photoshop trial

The 'F' word seems to be the most tainted word in society at the moment and the conventions associated with feminism are downright degrading. I wrote this post last year explaining a bit more about what I think contemporary feminism is all about.

I read a really great quote the other day and it was very relevant to something that had happened to myself and a friend in a local pub - don't get me wrong, it's a Wetherspoons so we always go with our guard up. This one night a man approached us and 'asked' if he could sit with us. There wasn't much asking involved as by the time my friend could even give him an answer he was already giving her the 'ohh come on' and sitting next to us. Eventually two other men joined him and they sat on the table opposite, but that didn't stop him interrupting our conversation every five minutes and questioning us about our private lives. I gave him the cold shoulder so he soon turned all his attention to my friend. He asked if she had a boyfriend like a reflex response, she said yes - this wasn't surprising because most girls who find themselves in this position would say they do as a deterrent. We found  ourselves telling stories of where they'd met, how long they'd been together etc. The biggest qualm I have with this is  why do men respect and feel threatened by the idea of another man more than a woman's right to say no?

Anyway, here is my pledge to you. I recently made a little feminist campaign for my third uni project. It included a zine that I will be publishing soon and also some other bits and bobs. I have used one of the illustrations that I included in the zine in the side bar, along with a code that you can use to embed the graphics on your own blog/website/whatever. The whole campaign is heavily based on irony so for all those times someone once slated you for 'fighting like a girl'? Yeah well damn right I do! If you'd like to support the idea of gender equality and feminism, please use the button or just direct people to this post.

Finally, Jack Howard posted this video not long ago and I think it absolutely epitomises modern feminism. I couldn't have put it better myself and give this guy a lot of credit for speaking so truthfully and honestly about it. If you take anything from this post, watch his video. 


Playlist #24

I recently had a little iTunes clean up to welcome in the New Year and I deleted over 400 songs (most I downloaded when I was 13) so my music library is now the absolute epitome of 'Roza's favourite music'. I've discovered some real gems in 2014 and George Ezra is now my favourite human on the planet. I also had the privilege of seeing James Bay back in November and he was one of the best live performers I have ever seen. Here is a little playlist of the music I have been listening to recently - it is by no means a compilation of my favourite songs of 2014 because there's just far too many.

George Ezra ~ Benjamin Twine

James Bay ~ When We Were On Fire

Cage The Elephant ~ Cigarette Daydreams

Hozier ~ Take Me To Church

Mantaraybryn ~ Pristine

Bastille VS Haim ~ Bite Down

King Charles ~ Ivory Road

Rag N Bone Man ~ Life In Her Yet

I Hate New Years

I hate New Years. I really do. There's nothing that says 'unattainable goals' like a list of 20 things you're not going to do in 2015. Why a new year? There's 24 new hours in a day that you can use to 'start afresh'. Anyway, hello, this is weird.. 
Although I have been very MIA (shudders) recently, my life has been ambling along as normal. I did some great things in 2014 but also some very scary things. 
  • Finished my A Levels
  • Took 6 driving tests in the space of 6 months
  • Passed my driving test (still cry now)
  • Started LCC
  • Went to some great gigs
This is just a little refresher post to say hello and that A Little Bit of Roza is open for business. Like the aforementioned 'unattainable goals', my previous attempt to start my blog up again was also short lived but I feel like now is the right time. I've settled into university life a bit more and I seem to be heading down the right (somewhat rocky) path. Hindsight is definitely 20/20 - this time last year I was applying for design degrees but I am quite content with what I'm doing at the moment. I am thinking of writing up a post about the whole applying for an art degree journey because it's not very straightforward and I could have benefited from some advice.

Anyway, I bid you a Happy New Year


Fresh Starts

There's no point beating around the bush and pretending I haven't been a shit blogger these past few months. I haven't felt right about blogging for a long time and I'd completely lost my mojo - blogging has changed and it's definitely what it was when I started almost 5 years ago.

I've recently started art college and although I haven't done much soul searching, I've become reinspired to design, blog and document my life. I've realised that in order to get my feet well and truly back on blogging territory, I need to start posting content that I am passionate about - and for the most part, that's not what I was posting about when I was 14. It scares me to think that some of my readers won't enjoy this 'new' content but I have a lot to say about a lot of stuff so I don't know why I'm not using this blog to my advantage. 

I'm not going to label A Little Bit of Roza or tell you what to expect because primarily, it's always been whatever I've wanted it to be. I have grown as a person and my tastes/opinions have changed but I hope we can take this ~ scary ~ leap of faith together.

P.S. A little bit of redesigning has been done - still a few tweaks to be made!